—–DOWNLOAD ISSUE FOUR (PDF): Impossible Archetype Issue 4—–

Below is the contents of, and selections from, Issue 4.
Thank you to all (fifty!) involved in making such a wonderful issue!

Raymond Luczak – Adam Takes His First Pictures of Eve
Simon Ladner – Coming Out Sonnet
Catherine Chen – Drink Up 
Rebecca Jessen – The Weekly
Rob Jacques – Grindr
Robert Carr – Totem
Justin Holliday – Dangerous Creature
Morgan Melhuish – On the Border
Ben Kline – Ghazal the Stars
Gregory Kimbrell – [Utility] ZI
Lake Vargas – We Are Yet to Believe
Meaghan Quinn – Felony
Stuart Barnes – In the House of Bluebird
James Cihlar – Catalogue Raisonné
Derek Coyle – Caviar
Eric Norris – Indiana Jones and The Abyss
Sandra de Helen – Looking Through Stained Glass
Scott-Patrick Mitchell – Clean
Riley Lopez- A Meditation
Stephen Jackson – Narcissus at Work
Christopher Gaskins – NYC Blizzard
Carl Napolitano – Redstar
Cole Murphy – Rebound Blues
Randall Ivey – Sebastian
Jen O’Connor – Idyllic
Ben Schutz – Oradea
Shaina Semiatin – At the Château 
Dennison Ty Schulz – 8 AM Mass For My Younger Selves, If They Could Still Be Saved
Yakov Azriel – Return
David Hanlon – Backbone
Eka Savajol – “You’re So Brave” 
Sam Lauer – Fire Crotch
Evelyn Deshane – The Future 
Sawyer Lovett – Good in a Suit
Ian-John Coughlan – So Named
Julie R Enzer – The Pink Commie Dyke Kills
Kaitlin Marianne – Will I Write This Letter?
Jay Whittaker – Cowrie
Gustavo Hernandez – Sunday, San Gabriel Valley 
Sossity Chiricuzio – When I Try To Use Words To Describe My Beau And Can Only Paint Ideograms of Love
Noa/h Fields – Side A, from Last Weekend & Its Double 
Scott Wiggerman – Flu Season
Jeff Mann – The Best Part of AWP
Michael Takeda – Fragment #2
Ron Mohring – Take
Austin Yu – Peat, Hearth
Sarah Young – Aftermath
Robert Siek – Crusin’ for a Bruisin’
Louis Flint Ceci – There Was a Time
SP Mulroy – Fair