—-DOWNLOAD ISSUE ELEVEN (PDF): Impossible Archetype Issue 11—-

Below is the contents of, and selections from, Issue 11.
Thank you to all fifty poets involved in making such a wonderful issue!

Tania Hershman – Still Life with Octopus (I)
Michael Russell – gallery of blood hearts
Casey Charles – The Lot at Food Farm
Daniel Edward Moore – Making Unfriendly
Seán Griffin – Wood grain
Eric Norris – Consciousness
Vron McIntyre – Portrait of my wife as an Ordnance Survey map
Joe Babcock – Date Night with the Ghost of You
Liam Strong – paradox in which the poet is a boy
Tim Kiely – The boy on the back of the scooter
David Meischen – The Procedure
Jeff Mann – Snowdrops
Dale Booton – Ex
Robert Carr – The Quiet Boy at Camp
Yakov Azriel – Investigation
JP Seabright – Nocturnal Omissions
Collin Kelley – Five Days in LA
Ron Mohring – Fool Me Twice
Derek Coyle – Whitmanesque
Jes Battis – Super Store
Timothy Robbins – The Firing Squad Dream
Jamie Wyatt – Serpent Alarm
Paul Maddern – Carol
James McDermott – Joe
Gregg Shapiro – Inherited
Anne Myles – Painting the Flower
J. Freeborn – I emerge from crying on the coats at a New Year’s Eve party so you giv me a beer & put your hand on the small of my back
Jee Leong Koh – Ungovernable Bodies 60: Michael
David Nash – Snow drop
Brooklyn Baggett – The Concierge
Cherry Smyth – My Animal, My Age
Victor Barnuevo Velasco – A Bowl
Elizabeth Gibson – Hunger
Jaime Lock – Facebooking the boy I first had sex with
Nat Raum – stop signs
Cyril Wong – Lotus
Denis Harnedy – Death and Taxes
Ed Madden – Two stories without endings
Richard Leis – ad perficidendum
Raymond Luczak – Enflamed
Melissa Cannon – Pastel
John Bartlett – Passer, Passerus
Phillip Watts Brown – Sometimes I Want to Brancusi You
Don Cellini – but I thought of you the entire time
Deirdre Maultsaid – Pink Fur Purr
Scott Wiggerman – Still Life with Shadow
John F Murphy – 10 degrees above South-South-West
Lee Patton – Where Else
Ryan Wong – To the Ends of the Earth
Michael McKimm – Love Poem with Heatwave