—–DOWNLOAD ISSUE TWO (PDF): Impossible Archetype Issue 2—–

Below is the contents of, and selections from, Issue 2.
Thank you to all involved for making such a wonderful issue!

Eric Norris – Full Circle
Jeremiah Moriarty – Undressing Byron
Ulysses Tetu – I Do Not Have a Woman’s History
James Penha – I Lost It At The Feelies
Stephen Jackson – Faux
Jeff Mann – The Gay Redneck Devours Draper Mercantile
Bryan Borland – The Hour of Common Prayer
Jeffery Berg – When I Look Ahead Without You
Nicole Pergue – Swing
Collin Kelley – Strange Weather
Ian-John Couglan – New Lips for Old Lore
Erik Schuckers – EVP
Justin Holliday – Strip Search
Allene Nichols – Lady Macbeth Speaks
Dennison Ty Schultz – Graverobber
Selena Wellington – Return
Alicia Byrne Keane – Errance
Richard Leis – Roadside Freak Show
Yakov Azriel – The Stargazer
Amanda Laughtland – Holiday
Evelyn Deshane – Bella’s Last Song
Louis Flint Ceci – His Music
Davidson Garrett – The Bathhouse: A Sestina in B-Natural
Raymond Luczak – Toothpaste Tube
Ben Kline – Urophilia Ghazal
Charles Jensen – Still
David Broadus – The Teacher’s Son
Seth Pennington – Failed Photograph