—-DOWNLOAD ISSUE TEN (PDF): Impossible Archetype Issue 10—-

Below is the contents of, and selections from, Issue 10.
Thank you to all fifty-five poets involved in making such a wonderful issue!

Ed Madden – When It Began
Stephen Zerrance – On La Dolce Vita
Raymond Luczak – Equinox
Kendrick Loo – Rain Tree
Siobhan Dunlop – after Sapphobot
Milla van der Have – Ox and Mandarin: Urban Legendarium
Gregg Shapiro – Fear of Everything
Edwin Stockdale – Viola
Amanda Laughtland – Now Streaming 
Stephen Jackson – Beneath the Eucalyptus
Caleb Nichols – Float 
Eric Norris – Nightmare of Eden
Stephanie Chan – How to Be the Best Indoor Plants for the Home 
Jeff Mann – A Branch of Yellowing Redbud Leaves
Stuart Rawlinson – Officer Leon S Kennedy
Alison McCrossan – As a Sorrowful Song
Mary Bamburg – Etiology 
Gustavo Hernandez – Hookup #1
Richard Leis – I Can’t Explain Love or Loss if the Only Language I Have is Geology or What I Watch on YouTube
Lisa Brimmer – new/already a sunflower 
David Meischen – Here and Gone 
Alex Hall – HOUNDS 
Jack Bigglestone – The Garden
Martin Shapiro – My Maestro
Arber Selmain (tr. Fadil Bajraj) – They Have Mixed Me Up With Many Men 
Matthew Hittinger – Arc-En-Ciel 
Erik Schuckers – Ari Shaprio Does Not Love Me
Hugh Blackthorne – Woodward’s Baby
Simon Maddrell – 1 Queerinthians 13
Sawyer Lovett – Hat-Hanging for the Well-Intentioned Transsexual
Liam Strong – thermodynamics without pillow talk
Alex Marlow – Request 
James McDermott – Camera Phone
Andrew Howdle – Alair Gomes, The Voyeur
Melissa Cannon – The Suicide’s Villanelle
Yakov Azriel – Shadows in the Closet
Kit Fryatt – Listing 
JSA Lowe – In Which She Makes Mistakes by the Mississippi 
Vicki Husband – The Gaze
John Bartlett – All the Deep Pulse
Polina Cosgrave – Forever, Never, Always
Rebecca Sheridan – Spliced: A Short Film
Julie R. Enszer – Sister Talk
Nathan Evans – Narcissus Knocks Up a Salad
Ron Mohring – Peas 
Claire Connolly – Love Doesn’t Hurt
Sophie Furlong Tighe – a pretty remarkable mess up
John Barton – Whoop-De-Doo
Jes Battis – Leaving the Shire
John F Murphy – I cannot hear the thunder 
Timothy Robbins – For Suzanne
Benedict Welch – Tennis Court
Sage Agee – Gertrude Stein Teaches Me How to Cum
Cyril Wong – Surrogate Evening
Morgan Melhuish – In the Dunes

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