—-DOWNLOAD ISSUE SEVEN (PDF): Impossible Archetype Issue 7—-

Below is the contents of, and selections from, Issue 7.
Thank you to all (fifty!) involved in making such a wonderful issue!

Jerica Taylor – Some Mornings
Travis Chi Wing Lau – Crabapple
Jeff Mann – Green Man
Matthew Haigh – Idol
Hugh Blackthorne – Revolutions
Hunter Burke – Weary Dancers
Yakov Azriel – Rainbow
Jake Weaver – It Takes Him an Hour or So to Love Me
Scott Wiggerman – The Loneliest Place in America
Gregg Shapiro – Lake-Effect
Stuart Barnes – Couple(t)s
Will Cordeiro – Cruising
Kate Garrett – A View from the Phantasmagoria
Sarah Kinzer – The Zebra Shark
Raymond Luczak – My Cove Love
Elizabeth Beaton – Headland
Shira Hereld – Violence in Three Movements
Sean Griffin – Ghost
Liam Strong – on being asked why I’m so submissive in my poems
S.E. Swea – I Want to Ask My Friend about the Storm
Lindz McLeod – Spinneret
Eric Norris – Midnight
Stephen S. Mills – Risk Factor
Jen Gallagher – Till Death Do Us
Erica Gillingham – The Human Body is a Hive
Timothy Robbins – Exciting Mess
Carl Alexandersson – A Freudian Slip
Ben Kline – Covenant
Simon Maddrell – Palaver
Richard Leis – Passage
Mitch Cave – Party Pooper
Seth Pennington – Hit and Run with Typo
Jack Parlett – Predictive
Maura Beste – When Your Absence Becomes Me
Lee Patton – Urban Renewal
Jeremy Dixon – The Intercession
Andrew Howdle – Bedfellows
Ron Mohring – Hemisphere
Shruthi Shivkumar – Velvet Andromeda
Mei Mei Sun – My Mother’s Hands
Brian Farrey-Latz – What Makes a Man?
Jee Leong Koh – The Porn Star
Louis Flint Ceci – Senex
Carole Anzovin – The Fine Line
Cyril Wong – Pianissimo
Órla Fay – The Jellyfish Sting
Liz Quirke – Ways I Heal Myself
Michael Russell – Run
Isaiah Vianese – Everything
Diarmuid Fitzgerald – Bright Morning