—-DOWNLOAD ISSUE THIRTEEN (PDF): Impossible Archetype Issue 13—-

Below is the contents of, and selections from, Issue 13.
Thank you to all fifty-one poets involved in making such a wonderful issue!

Ed Madden – Instructions on meeting the púca: 1
Laura S. Marshall – Grief Song
Isaiah Vianese – Love is a Groove
Maria Telnikoff – remembering
Hilary Watson – How to Get Away with Murder
Gregory Woods – Basho’s Acolytes
Diarmuid Fitzgerald – Break Up
Don Cellini – Haibun for Daniel
Jaden Morton – Somewhere else keeps happening to me
Michael Russell – how many years did u wait?
Lee (Lori) Desrosiers – Duplex: Pillow Talk
Alison Miller – Alex at the Airport Marriott
Seán Griffin – Patterns
JP Seabright – A Journey Through the Photographic Archive of Peter Hujar
Stephen Jackson – I Can’t Yet Say He Failed [But I Have]
Jeff Mann – Red Hot Poker
Daniel Meltz – A Life Gone to Pieces
Liam Strong – road trip playlist in which i blow a dandelion into your face by the end, one last time
Tim Kiely – Bless the Drunks
Thomas Whittaker – 92. Baptist Church, Plains
Katie Cameron – Polar
Eoin Kelly – Part Time
Denis Harnedy – Orbital
Yakov Azriel – 1984
Raymond Luczak – Thermometer
Eric Norris – Night Music
Jen Nolan – Renew
Jean Lorrain (trans. John Gallas & Kurt Ganz) – The Modernists
Timothy Robbins – Happily Misnamed
Victoria Santamorena – Alternate Ending
Dale Booton – Night Owl
Melissa Cannon – Dr. John Dee’s Conferences with Spirits
Ken Anderson – A Block off Ponce De Leon
J Freeborn – Winter’s back is broken
Mike Zimmerman – Driving in Philly
Robin Kinzer – Small Facts About My Father
Simon Maddrell – a politician walks into a mirrored room
Scott Wiggerman – Then I Remember
Robert Beveridge – The New and Improved Custard Tart
Dave Wakely – Queer Fish
Kent Leatham – The Satanist Goes to Church
So Mayer – butt
James J. Siegel – Spades as Swords
Daniele Lemay – Ode to the Sunflower Fields on Pole Line Rd
James McDermott – Closet
Julie Marie Wade – Who is Ursula?
Andrew Howdle – Coffee Table Book
Cyril Wong – Choices
Alicia Byrne Keane – How Did You Know
Carmen Corridan – An Unread WhatsApp Conversation
Paul Stephenson – Masterpiece Theatre