—-DOWNLOAD ISSUE NINE (PDF): Impossible Archetype Issue 9—-

Below is the contents of, and selections from, Issue 9.
Thank you to all fifty-five poets involved in making such a wonderful issue!

Richard Leis – Bird Chooses to Make a Habit of Heart
Don Cellini – Nocturne
Gustavo Hernandez – A White Boy Apology 
Simon Maddrell – there are no walls or fences
Victor Barnuevo Velasco – The Year of Making Lists
Serge ♆ Neptune – dawn 
Lilia Marie Ellis – Morning Poem 
Anne Walsh Donnelly – Fodder
Seán Griffin – Crows of White Plains
Jen Currin – Fir, Spruce
Gregg Shapiro – Flesh Wounds
Derek Coyle – First Poem for Nathan
Emma Wynn – Musselled
Andrew Howdle – Scenes from Ovid
Christian Bufo – Song
Hugh Blackthorne – How the Wild Things Self-Identify
Scott Wiggerman – Fractured Memoir of a Teenage Alcoholic
Ed Madden – Not the One
Ron Mohring – Swerve
Danton Remoto – Departure
F Alex San Juan – On Taking a Bus from [Redacted Point of Origin] to Cagayan de Oro
Diarmuid Fitzgerald – Sunset at Finisterre
Derek Berry – radish spirit visits the bathhouse
Peter Scalpello – 2k12
Michael Russell – lunalight
Elizabeth Beaton – Unphased
Yakov Azriel – Midwood High School, 1967
Daniel Edward Moore – Mt. Sanai Gym on Sunday 
Brian Farrey-Latz – Breathe – 1985
Ben Kline – Bursitis // Love Sounds
Lori Desrosiers – To H.D. 
Sandra Yannone – Luna Park at Nightmare at the Museum of Northwest Art
Caitlin Young – GPS
Jay Whittaker – The extended household takes some country air
Niamh Haran – ingrown hairs
Sadie McCarney – Do The Sex
John McCullough – Mr Jelly
Chandrika Narayanan-Mohan – Ararat
Melissa Cannon – The Nude Body 
Timothy Robbins – Ginsberg
Sam Garvan – Actaeon 
Raymond Luczak – Road 
Cyril Wong – In Loving Memory 
Em O’Connell – rebirth 
Lance Garland – Watertight
Orla Fay – La Dolce Pantera Nera
Elizabeth Chadwick Pywell – Think of the Children 
Zenobia Frost – No More Camel-Toe Club
Jeff Mann – Salvation
Christopher Lloyd – Close 
Stuart Page – January Clean 
Casey Charles – G(r)ays
James Penha – Cypress 
Eric Norris – The Dead Poet
William Reichard – The Night Train