—–DOWNLOAD ISSUE FIVE (PDF): Impossible Archetype Issue 5—–

Below is the contents of, and selections from, Issue 5.
Thank you to all (fifty!) involved in making such a wonderful issue!

Frederick Speers – In Response to the Question, Why Do Queers Exist?
Davidson Garrett – Born in a Soggy Hospital Room
J. Xiang – Would You Rather
Ed Madden – 杵 / Kin
J. Marcus Weekley – Mint
Ángelo Néstore – Agrippina (translated by Lawrence Schimel)
Alix Wood – Imagine a World
Eric Norris – Failure
Andrés Hernández – West Shore Hotel
Gregory Kimbrell – Tuning Institute
Dean Kostos – Motion Observed: Eadweard Muybridge
Shosha Orol Brown – Transition Sonnet IX
Cori Bratby-Rudd – Inheritance
Mitch Tomas Cave – Pond Water
Jonathan Everitt – Fight or Flight
Cole Murphy – Upon Seeing a Ghost at My Bedside, Maine, 2009
Nancy Campbell – Departure
Emily Blair – Love Poem for a Super Blood Wolf Moon over the Mountains and also a New Build Apartment Complex in Asheville
Collin Kelley – At Prospect Cottage
Christopher Stephen Soden – Wilbur and Stanley
Yakov Azriel – Mr. October
Hugh Blackthorne – The Curation of Ghosts
Raymond Luczak – Stars Gazing
Louis Flint Ceci – Notes for Edith Hamilton
Sawyer Lovett – Bravado
Ulysses Tetu – Autumn Bedroom Aegis
Jeff Mann – Joe-Pye Weed
Hilary Watson – Kitchen, 4am
Trevor Eichenberger – When the Guy on Grindr Sends You an Unsolicited Dick Pic
Ron Mohring – Queen Takes Bishop
Richard Leis – Distraction
James McKenna – Bottom Feeder
Andrew Howdle – Michelangelo on Old Age
Randall Ivey – Homosexuality in Dixie: A Queer Sonnet
Lee Patton – Wrong in Yonkers
M. Pavan Clark – After Reading Sylvia Plath I Dream of Imperfect Hearts
Chaelee Dalton – Point of View
Anne Walsh Donnelly – Sodom and Gomorrah
Allene Nichols – Dorothy to Auntie Em
Evelyn Deshane – Surgery Fund
El Wilson – Familiar Beach
Casey Charles – Gaysail
Liam Strong – asexual dysphoria waltz
Ben Schutz – Always Here
Órla Fay – On Getting Older
Sean Griffin – Deadheading
Travis Chi Wing Lau – Slur
M/Em Amory – Aileen Wuornos Talkes Me Down from a PTSD Episode
David Lohrey – There Will Be No See Ya
William Reichard – On Photography