—–DOWNLOAD ISSUE SIX (PDF): Impossible Archetype Issue 6—–

Below is the contents of, and selections from, Issue 6.
Thank you to all (fifty!) involved in making such a wonderful issue!

Eric Norris – Tutankhamun
Amanda Hope – Burst Idyll
Shamar Harriott – After Camelot
Kevin Hinkle – Worshipful Strangers
Steven Cordova – My Vision
Eimear Bourke – Raw
Brian Farrey-Latz – Sin-Eaters Dine by Candlelight
Hunter Burke – Abecedarian on 21st Century Mating Rituals for the Homosexual Male
Raymond Luczak – Standing Before Lake Superior
Jeff Mann – Boats on the Rappahannock, Spring 1862
Scott Wiggerman – Paranoia
Matthew Merendo – Billboard
S. E. Swea – Queerness Walks into a Steamboat Dinner
Rosamund Taylor – When My Wife is a Hazel Tree
Jeremy Dixon – Before the Motorway
Jerakah Greene – Preheat
Don Cellini – Landscape with Memories
Yakov Azriel – You Ask Me Why I Did It
Diarmuid Fitzgerald – The River
Richard Scott – Driving North by Car to San Francisco
Timothy Robbins – Dawn Chorus
Ron Mohring – Stay
D. Gilson – Epistle
Gustavo Hernandez – Two Years
Alison Binney – Lament for the Invisible Lesbians
Walter Holland – For Doris Day
Liam Strong – The Last Time I Dated a Cis Girl
Jay Whittaker – Dear Candida
Victoria Santamorena – A Prayer to the Patron Saint of Asexual Girls
Aoife Riach – Long Distance
Janette Schafer – Photograph
Sean Griffin – A Test
Andrew Howdle – Son-Days
Stephen Jackson – Damien
Randall Ivey – The Last Supper
Ed Madden – Fairy Tale
Richard Leis – November in Portland
Daniel Edward Moore – 1 Corinthians 13:11
James Penha – Streetwalkers
Ben Kline – Vascularity
Derek Berry – A Man Says Faggot, But You Mishear Him, Ask Forget What?
Sean Hanrahan – Hart Crane
Shruthi Shivkumar – Rough-Edged Girl’s Pocket Guide to Keeping Disaster at Bay
Alfredo Ocaranza González – “Your Dad Kills Poets”
Charlie Bondhus – Safe
Ben Schutz – Old Flame
Kasey Chambers – Breakage
Eric Ingram – promise you
William Reichard – Unexpected Storm
Gregory Woods – Down Together