—-DOWNLOAD ISSUE TWELVE (PDF): Impossible Archetype Issue 12—-

Below is the contents of, and selections from, Issue 12.
Thank you to all fifty poets involved in making such a wonderful issue!

Ann Pedone – [First Choral Ode]
Victor Barnuevo Velasco – The Body Forgets 
Rebecca Schneid – Romantic Comedy in a Two-Doored Closet
Denis Harnedy – Lucan – Late September
Michael McKeown Bondhus – Runoff
Christopher Wellings – In the Beginning
Gretchen Rockwell – Reflection
Ron Mohring – Poor Monster
Vanessa R Bradley – Altoid Altar 
Joseph Monaghan – 10 Months
Jeff Mann – Uruz 3
Stuart Barnes – GRINDR
Michael McKimm – Dear Simon
Tobias Wray – On the Nature of or Relating To
Ben Kline – If You’re Reading This Poem, I Might Be Dead
Cyril Wong – Playground
Kelly Piggott – Hymn to St. Wilgefortis
Eric Norris – After Cavafy
Brad Beau Cohen – the taste
Philip Kobylarz – Trespassing
Beck Anson – Where the River Meets the Sea
Melissa Cannon – In Parmigianino’s Mirror
Stephen S. Mills – In Life the Woman Sitting Next to Me on the Plane Asks What Happens if a Big Wave Hits New York City?
Scott Wiggerman – Sound of Sunshine
Gregg Shapiro – The Confession
Dave Wakely – Leeward
Matt Kennedy – He Wears a Sky Blue Polo in the Photo with his Wife
Jeffrey Lee Dieter Jr. – Litany for Self-Pity
Lorelei Bacht – Theremin Players
Andrew Howdle – Well-Read
Len Lukowski – Outtakes
Isaiah Vianese – My Husband Loves Diners
Patrick Wright – True Belief Belongs to the Realm of Real Knowledge
Paul Stephenson – The Once-a-Month Night
Olivia Banks – DNA Speaks
JP Seabright – Disco Nap
Lena Barton – The End of Times
Mike Zimmerman – “Jafar”
Yakov Azriel – The Martian Chronicle: A Prelude
Seán Griffin – A Journal of My Father
Ed Madden – what we caught
Italo Ferrante – what my father (not a poet) might say
Raymond Luczak – The Nightowl
Christopher Gaskins – Your Monster
Marianne Brems – Docile Movement
Joshua Barnes – Queer American Sentences
Luke Larkin – Basilicia of the Big Sky
J. Freeborn –  Rosmålning
David Meischen – In Rooms Once
Syd Shaw – Love Poem with Teeth