—–DOWNLOAD ISSUE THREE (PDF): Impossible Archetype Issue 3—–

Below is the contents of, and selections from, Issue 3.
Thank you to all involved for making such a wonderful issue!

Yakov Azriel – Nebula
Emma Beeler – A Poem in which Icarus is a Queer Girl
Eric Norris – First Violin
Travis Lau – Listening to Incense
Gustavo Hernandez – Santa Ana: Downtown
Rachel Foster – Wind Linguistics
Katie Rank – The Room with One Wall
Amy Lauren – Morning Prayer
Emily Holland – Sirenia
Evelyn Deshane – A Person, Place or Thing
Carly Lightfoot – While the receptionists chat about a Chinese takeaway
Bekah Steimel – Cancer Lyric I
Michael Montlack – This Balcony Is Not Yours
Raymond Luczak – Raindrops
Stephen S. Mills – Domestic Terror
Michael Carter – Desire After She Died
Rob Jacques – Every Traveler Has One Idaho Poem
Ben Kline – Oil & Ambivalence
Jacob Aplaca – Adam Rippon
Liz Quirke – Spiddal Sonnet For She Who Loves Me
Louis Flint Ceci – Babylon the Great
Richard Leis – Nervous Bambi
Cole Murphy – Boardwalk
Liam Strong – Breathing It
Benjamin Klas – We Could Fly Forever Then
Jeff Mann – John’s Garden
Chandler Veilleux – The Hymn of My Brothers