“A Poem in which Icarus is a Queer Girl” by Emma Beeler

you are born hungry        like a forest for a wildfire
craving the brilliance she says you
will never reach
she says darling
it will consume you
she says darling
i don’t want to lose you

you fight for every feather & go screaming
into the sky &
in another life        the sun could have been your brightest love
kissing freckles into the slope of your shoulder
& blessing your mouth with radiance

but right now
you are burning too fast for the sky to hold you &
all your gods have abandoned you &
you will never
be allowed to come out of this alive

i can only imagine you saying lover
illuminate me
before you are devoured


Emma Beeler thinks of herself in terms of ephemera. She has been writing for six years, poetry for four years. She is easily misplaced, both by herself and others. You would not know her if you saw her.