—–DOWNLOAD ISSUE ONE (PDF): Impossible Archetype Issue 1—–

Below is the contents of, and selections from, Issue 1:

Grace Gorski – Mlle. Naomi Ethardo
Stephen S. Mills – Imagining Your Brain in Someone Else’s Hands
Carina Stopenski – Woman Like a Fig Leaf
James Penha – The Paranoid Who Loves Me
Matthew Hittinger – 71 Irving Place
Stuart Barnes – 1992
Jessica Mc Kinney – tidbit
Eric Norris – Charles Laughton
Pierre-André Doucet – Launch  
Derek Coyle – The Journey
Evelyn Deshane – The Stutter
Mitch Tomas Cave – Crooked Teeth
Freddie Trevaskis Hoskin – If You Have Lice I Definitely Also Have Lice
El Wilson – Basecamp
Robert Siek – Him and Him and Him
Asa Johnson – Erasure 
G. S. Crown – Consideration
Julia Guarch – When My Book Arrives 
Sergio A. Ortiz – A Matter of Habit
Noa Youngblood – 27
Phil Clements – At the End of the World
Jeff Mann – Krispy Kreme Fantasia
Raymond Luczak – Box of Tissues 
Jameson Jones – New Love Under Watchful Bob 
Marissa Johnson – A Letter from My Vagina to My Heart 
Colin McGuire – Justin Bieber Slowed Down by 800 Percent Sounds Like a Celestial Being
Jay Whittaker – Bed-Fellow
Jennifer O’Kelly – Worse Things Happen at Sea
Patricia McCaw – Parched
David Broadus – The Sparrow’s Wedding