“Consideration” by G. S. Crown

I have a daughter and a son.  Because
I have my children to consider, I
cannot consider you.  My children cry
at night, for in their dreams, huge monster-jaws
are seen emerging from the sea; the maws
of giant sharks then open wide and try
to swallow them alive.  But by-and-by
I comfort them, until the sea withdraws.

I have my wife as well, who’s very kind
to me and to my daughter and my son,
small fragile rafts that drift upon the sea
I’ve made.  I must remove you from my mind,
I have to make believe your boat has gone
away for good — its anchor, lost — like me.


G. S. Crown is a pen name. Under this pen-name, he has published poems in Glitterwolf, Snakeskin, Assaracus, and Cortland Review. Under his other name, he
has published over 200 poems in magazines, and four books of poetry in the USA. In addition, his poems have won twenty-one different awards in international poetry competitions.  This poem is from Closet Sonnets: The Life of G. S. Crown (1950-2021), which will be published in the autumn of 2017 by Sheep Meadow Press (New York). As you can see from the poem, G. S. Crown lives in a closet.