“Him and Him and Him” by Robert Siek

A fourth cup of coffee, stay woke
like rolled downhill in an office chair.
Never again, stalking a half-full pot,
the eighth time in a workday, getting that
reused Styrofoam hot, steamy, shout-out
phantom drains coal-on-fire, burn bladder,
what the urologist expresses concern for, as he
examines the prostate gland, vibrating ultrasound
dildo, cattle prod, third eye, deep organ says hi.
Fingers and dicks, the bigger, the better,
cutting down on caffeine, the good doctor
advised you to, but don’t stop milking
my manhood, cow solid, used to this,
empty pails, tin-thin cheeks, fat tongue,
chipped teeth, the wet chapped lips
of love to do it, at home, on knees;
blink less, in case doors cave—
kicked in; the next vice president
believes he’s got this, recliners to
strap us in, electrified butt plug
shoots Pac-Man hungry through
maze of muscle to every nerve
ending, men on-screen, hips
naked, half-flaccid, full erection,
sailor hats, mustaches, leather jackets,
hair net destroyed by nipples, torn-off
T-shirts, athletic shorts splitting, toilet’s
view, rat fury one-way get it, the smell of
him, and him, and him, cat call from sewers.
They fry us. They fry us. His and his advisers
still in a dark room, classroom quiet behind a
one-way mirror, the smell of coffee and
burnt hair. Tap pause when breasts
appear, burlesque cannonballs
signal inhale, swallow, exhale,
swallow; man-hands rabid
bra cups, the new world order
on how to do it, step-by-step
mambo chart, skirts up, pants
down, the taste for bread, wine,
what Christ’s love offers when keep
cool, fling arms like last-second fall
from monkey bars, holy ghost gloves,
fisting sky pie, and scream, “Hallelujah!”

Robert Siek is the author of the poetry collection Purpose and Devil Piss (Sibling Rivalry Press, 2013) and the chapbook Clubbed Kid (New School University, 2002). His second collection of poetry, We Go Seasonal, will be published by Sibling Rivalry Press in 2018. He lives in Brooklyn, New York, and works at a large publishing house in Manhattan.