“If You Have Lice I Definitely Also Have Lice” by Freddie Trevaskis Hoskin

There will be a space for you in our bed tonight
etched out of a hairline fracture
in the weld line between
elbows, knees, and limbs.
There will be a space.

Tomorrow it will shrink
your vacuum-self smaller each day
until we are as close
as the space between atoms allows.
And you will be left with yet another fracture,
to mend
or force
or both
or neither.


Freddie Trevaskis Hoskin is a bisexual, non-binary poet from Ireland. They studied Philosophy and English and are interested in the works of Rumi, Cohen, Borges and others who condense large ideas into small spaces. They have been published in a number of Irish poetry journals both online and in print.