—-DOWNLOAD ISSUE EIGHT (PDF): Impossible Archetype Issue 8—-

Below is the contents of, and selections from, Issue 8.
Thank you to all fifty-five poets involved in making such a wonderful issue!

Don Cellini – I Wanted a Poem
Travis Chi Wing Lau – Alarm 7:30
Timothy Robbins – Photograph of a Cowboy Dance
Ed Madden – Weekend at Kingsburg
Sam Garvan – My Father in Mid-Air
Lori Desrosiers – Sequoit Creek
Shaun Hill – Has It Become Any Easier to Love Each Other?
Aimee Herman – Splitting
Simon Maddrell – Dear Straight World
Scott Wiggerman – Habit/Interest/Jump-start
Jeff Mann – Rainbow Chard, Bear Bouquet
Jackson Nash – Claudia
Ben Kline – Most Men
Daisy Thurston-Gent – All Souls Yard
Liam Strong – variations of a thinly sketched portrait
Eric Norris – Necessary Lies
Andrew Howdle – Playground
Christopher Lloyd – Hymn
Richard Leis – In Which I Invent a Man
Mike Zimmerman – Winter Shores
Anne Walsh Donnelly – Conkers
Yakov Azriel – My Father on the Roof
Jay Gilbert- Womb
James Penha – Bali Kite Season 2020
Amanda Laughtland – Maybe It’s Easy
Tyler French – Dupont Circle c. 2146
Kira Jacobson – Boyhood
Justin Holliday – Villain: Elle Woods
Raymond Luczak – Poseidon
Gustavo Hernandez – Eileen Bayoú
Ron Mohring – Memo to Sis
Ariel Horton – Quarantine Shoes
Bruce E. Whitacre – Midsummer Midlife
Lauren Rae – Grapefruit and Rosé
Guillermo Filice Castro – The Boys in the Blue Truck
Michael J Carter – The Youngest Olympian
Emer Lyons – for a year as a teenager i received anonymous dick pics
Michael McKeown Bondhus – Aborted Sestina
Alison McCrossan – Documenting the Unseen
Cyril Wong – Rewatching Psycho
Sandra Yannone – Willows and Razors
Peter Scalpello – Statement
Christopher W. Clark – Frustration
Gregg Shapiro – When You’re Up for a Bit in the Middle
Paige Elizabeth Wajda – Heaven Holds a Place for Those Who Break
Pamela Sumners – Splitting the Roots
Stephen Mead – Pride
Davidson Garrett – In the Middle of a Pandemic in the Middle of Manhattan
Dustin Brookshire – On Gay Line Dancing Night I Think Of My Grandma
Sean Hanrahan – The First
Jarad Bruinstroop – cake Bnoy
Stephen Jackson – No Drugs for Sale Here
Daniel Edward Moore – G.O.D.
Victor Velasco – To all the men i loved
Kevin McLellan – Gently Banking