“The Teacher’s Son” by David Broadus

In the South Downs, Sussex

Bees tumble,
tangled in his hair –
a clumsy sort of banditry,
to steal his golden slumber
with their mad cacophony.

They yawn and stretch
the hours, and weave
their paper towns, their tapestries
and spin their spells and potions
in a sticky alchemy.

Me, they chase
through bramble wood
and spindle shrub and dogwood tree
and bare their stings, with fearsome roars –
a tiny cavalry.

Beware the tiger lily’s claws,
beware the jealous bumble bee –
so smitten with my lad are they,
for they know where the honey be.


David Broadus is a gay American poet and essayist living in Brighton, England. His essays have appeared in The Guardian and The Next Family. His poetry collection, The Cat’s Pajamas & Other Queer Tales was published by The Ashburnham Press in 2013.