“Holiday” by Amanda Laughtland

I love a small town that builds
a big, hand-lettered arch to lay claim
to the “World’s Longest Beach.”
I love a bungalow with a view
not quite of the beach but of the arch.

I love the word “bungalow”
because it makes me feel like Greta Garbo
to rent a cozy, quiet place
with a king-sized bed from which
I can see fireworks above the arch

on New Year’s Eve because I’m lucky
and cancer-free. I love my surgeon.
I love winter sun despite the glare
that hides the flash of the lighthouse
at Cape Disappointment on New Year’s Day.


Amanda Laughtland lives in the Seattle area and teaches English at Edmonds Community College. She is the author of Postcards to Box 464 (Bootstrap Press) and several chapbooks of poems. Her work has appeared most recently in Eratio Poetry Journal.