“Good in a Suit” by Sawyer Lovett

I would be
neatly combed and pressed
with a bouquet and a bottle of wine
like shield and sword.

I would compliment your mother
call your father sir
offer a firm handshake
I’d eat every bite of meatloaf on my plate

I would ask how they met
what books they liked to read
about the big sports game
and the weather

I would bind my chest
and all my hopes and dreams
and I swear you would be proud
to bring me home.


Sawyer Lovett is a writer who lives in Philadelphia with his wife, a dog and a hedgehog. He’s a part-time bookseller and a full time MFA student who occasionally reviews books for Kirkus and Lambda Lit. He is the author of two books and his work has appeared in Apiary, Hoax, and Cleaver.