“Side A, from Last Weekend & Its Double” by Noa/h Fields

3d xerox of a weekend
living in double
vision like mitosis
flood of images returning
like long division
though they’re never the same
like side a, side b

city of no remainders
no sleep busing in to bust
out a move let’s
go somewhere new
don’t you remember we went
there last time xcept then it wasn’t
called bisexual lighting
yr drink got knocked over
okay let’s just ignore
the permanence of our problems
we can go outside & stage a staring
contest with the stupid stars
cuz these strobe lights are sore
losers —but I’m feeling loose
and they’re playing the killers!
I can’t tell if they’re saying
denser or dancer
what are we human or are we
additive + non-narrative
I think it’s just a catchy hook
ugh but I’m addicted to ambiguity
the irresolvable’s my jam
how can a single syllable point
in completely different directions
like sprawling rhyzomes
no that’s not a sexy metaphor
like a like a –       whatever
let’s just say we’re unfurling


Noa/h Fields is a queer/genderqueer poet living in Chicago. They work at Anomalous Press and The Offing, and they love techno and avocados. Their first chapbook WITH is out now from Ghost City Press.