“Adam Takes His First Pictures of Eve” by Raymond Luczak

The camera was just a toy
they’d found on one of their lazy forages
in a meadow graced with berries.

They didn’t know what it was for,
but they liked the click sound it made
every time they pressed its shutter button.

They giggled at how its viewfinder shrunk
the clouds in the sky into tiny balls.
Then he was startled to see the smoothness

of her body against the shade of trees.
He started telling her to turn this way and that.
Laughing, she had no idea what she was doing.

The lens is the gateway to self-doubt.
They didn’t know this until they discovered
the film roll inside uncoiling with a hiss.


Raymond Luczak is the author and editor of over 20 books, including A Babble of Objects (Fomite Press, November 2018) and Flannelwood (Red Hen Press, March 2019). He lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota and online at raymondluczak.com.