“Idyllic” by Jen OConnor

You lounge on a poolside chair,
curled around your warm-skinned lover,
caressed by beams of sun-soaked light.

High above your bliss
languid palm trees fan their swaying heads,
pulsating to the rhythm of your passion.
It’s clear they are as happy as you are.

Across the emerald pool
flamingoes on thread-thin legs
preen beside the water,
fluffing their sugar pink bodies.
Pausing in the gently breathing air
they glance your way to remark:
“Look. Two humans entwined.
They must be as happy as we are.”
Later, you learn
she stopped loving you that day.


Jen’s poetry and works of fiction have been published in Two Hawks Quarterly, Saved Objects, Imagine Magazine, Iris Brown Lit Mag, Medusa’s Laugh Press, Persimmon Tree, London Journal of Fiction, and have been featured in many spoken word performances in Los Angeles. She is a playwright as well and her comedy The Girl Who Would Be King garnered Backstage and LA Weekly awards. Dressing Robbie Temple was a semi-finalist in the Ashland New Plays Festival. Gayby’s Playdate, winner of the LGBT Festival in L.A., was produced around the country and in Seoul, South Korea. She holds an MA in English from St. Louis University and an MFA in Theatre from Southern Illinois University.