“At the Château” by Shaina Semiatin

Fontainebleau, France 

Everything in this house

The washer, the coffeemaker,
the refrigerator, the stove.

Everything in this house is struck
with urgency, needs attention.

Everything in this house is done
too late.

In the garden outside, there is
no beeping.

In the garden outside, there is
only waiting. And wind.

The east wind blows lavender
and apology.

The west wind, red feather
and ivy.

Like the east, I have been
fearful. Like the west,
I don’t say sorry.


Shaina studied poetry under Tim Skeen and holds an MA in International Relations from the University of Chicago. Her work has previously appeared in ASSISI, The Bat Shat, and others. It is forthcoming in Border Crossing and Crab Fat Magazine. Most days you will find her traipsing about the Central Coast of California with her partner Anjuli and their invisible dog (who would be named) Matzah. http://www.shainasemiatin.com