“Coming Out Sonnet” by Simon Ladner

Our morning moves like a lava flow.
Eating up the toast centimeters
at a time – approaching at a
crawl, the day drags itself
towards the coffee brewing
drop by painful drop. It gurgles
in the corner. Even he
moves through drying concrete,
fetching cream and sugar, back hunched
over the figure of a cup,
over the regret of the morning,
over the coffee pot, which slows,
quiets, and clicks at the speed of sound.
Every morning is like this now.


Simon Ladner is a gay transgender male from Ocean Springs, Mississippi. He is a sophomore, and studies Music Education and Creative Writing at Millsaps College. His works have appeared previously in the campus literary magazine (called The Stylus), and DIME Magazine. When not writing, Simon can be found practicing, singing, or buried in the Mississippi Archives.