“Drink Up” by Catherine Chen

touch this face,

then imagine the reclining
cityscapes that abound on
Google Earth. What does
the reclining cityscape look
like? A series of unreplied
work emails. Ugly fruits.
The bargain barn. Fiscally
conservative matchmaking.
I delete my search history,
excited to come home to
your daily revelations. We
are both exploring a form
of contour,

an empire of form,

I have a soft face you say. “That’s funny,” I reply and tilt my head to the right.


Catherine Chen is a poet and performer. Their work has appeared in Slate, Asian American Writers’ Workshop, Mask Magazine, Nat. Brut, among others. Their chapbook Manifesto, or: Hysteria is forthcoming from Big Lucks. They’ve been awarded residencies and fellowships from Lambda Literary, Art Farm, and Splendid Mola.