“Queen Takes Bishop” by Ron Mohring

The art of loving isn’t hard-ons, Mister.
So many men believe they’re heaven-sent
because they get (and keep) it up. Well, Buster,

think again. I’m unimpressed. Why must your
hormones dictate every move? Don’t pant.
The art of loving isn’t hard-ons. Mister,

I can see that you don’t know the first or
even second thing about real love. You’ve spent
your life puffed up with fuss and silly bluster

and you leave me cold. You’re done, you’re dissed, you’re
history. You think you’re something but you ain’t.
The art of loving isn’t hard-ons, Sister,

and gender’s really not the issue, either;
in the game of fuck-or-be-fucked, bent
or straight, it doesn’t matter—you can’t master

love through sheer exertion. It won’t be pushed or
prodded into being if it isn’t meant
to be. You’ve shown the best that you can muster,
but love’s an art. It’s hard. Forget it, Buster.


Ron Mohring is the indefatigable force behind Seven Kitchens Press. He lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with his shockingly young husband.