“The Last Supper” by Randall Ivey

March 4th, 2012: O’Charley’s

Neither one of us knew this would be
The last of our haphazard repasts,
Although I should have known,
Given your mercurial way with people
And with things.

You ordered the steak and rib special,
Washing it down with Pilsner Bud Lite
While discussing, alternately, your recent tryst
With a pair of female hookers and your
Newfound desire to bring others to God.

No doubt you gave the whores
The same eight inches of evidence
You gave me that a deity exists
And had them shouting shaky “Amens!”
To rumble the cheap motel walls.

Randall Ivey’s work has previously appeared in Impossible Archetype, Assaracus, Chelsea Station, and other publications gay and non-gay. He is the author of a novel, three short story collections, and a book for children.