“promise you” by Eric Ingram

I got a haircut to prepare for the–
Conference? –no, the role play Jordan & I
planned to do Friday to save our rela-
tionship. You didn’t do it? Well. I tried.
Did “life get in the way”? That’s what you’re saying?
I’d even planned it, researched the fantasy,
called my therapist, bought condoms, arranged
our apartment, written my backstory:
We were supposed to be two strangers at
a bar. And you were? Cal, a southern gent-
tleman, in town for the weekend, in that
bar by myself. You did all that, spent
your time, iambic pentameter, rhyme?
I wanted the haircut anyway, I


Eric Ingram is an Oakland-based video editor, writer, and artist, and a student at UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Education’s BE3 teacher preparation program.