“When the Guy on Grindr Sends You an Unsolicited Dick Pic” by Trevor Eichenberger

Catalogue it in your collection of things
you didn’t ask for with a name like Dick
Van Dyke or Dick Nixon. Then ask him
what you’re supposed to do with inches.
He’ll write all hard seven can be inside
of you winkey-face. Tell him that his
manhood can be measured with a Hercules
Beetle, and you’d rather take that up the ass.
Once he blocks you, build yourself a crown
out of all those dicks. With every pic they send,
they’re handing you the knife and you go
for the jugular every time.


Trevor Eichenberger is a queer Midwestern writer. He is currently enrolled at Nebraska Wesleyan University where he is pursuing a BA in English. His work has been featured on Allegory Ridge and Cathexis Northwest Press.