“My Vision” by Steven Cordova

I have a lazy eye. It has been lazy
ever since I had a case of Bell’s Palsy.

Or maybe it was always lazy.
I was just too lazy to notice.

My lazy eye is like the state
of California, faulty to the core, un-

able to hold up its own side of the continent—
or—like the planet earth—it is tilted, on its axis,

& I am—besides that state, besides that cloud-capped
redwood—Shakespeare’s angry Richard III

with a lazy eye instead of a hunchback,
ambitious still, determined still, to wreak havoc upon

a land. About my lazy eye I can say only this:
each night it is the first to fall dead asleep;

each morning it’s the last to wake.
Under my fathomless ocean of dreams,

it likes to hold its breath.
It likes to turn blue.


Steven Cordova’s full-length collection of poetry, Long Distance, was published by Bilingual Review Press in 2010. His poems have appeared in Barrow Street, Bellevue Literary Review, Callaloo, The JournalLos Angeles Review, and Northwest Review. He reviews fiction and nonfiction for Lambda Literary. From San Antonio, TX, he lives in Brooklyn, New York.