“Breakage” by Kasey Chambers

Exhale. Open your eyes.
Watch as the bubbles rise,
you sink until your back rests
against the blue bottom of the pool.
The chlorine sighs as you gaze past
the water’s hammered glass: a house,
each face paled by ripples under the sun
of dimmed shine.
Reach your hand
to feel the water take shape
around your finger’s tip, until you break
the surface.

The body floats. Gravity slopes
toward a sky of wilted roses.
Drip, the petals drift
to darken the water
as you listen to the muffled struggle
of a girl come out to her father.


A proud queer woman, Kasey Chambers comes from the Jersey Shore. She attended the University of Pennsylvania, earning a BA in English where she also played on the back-to-back Ivy League Championship Women’s Basketball teams. She recently received her Masters of Education and Human Development at the George Washington University. This is her first published poem.