“Landscape with Memories” by Don Cellini

We loved the way the sun
came through the trees,
dappled the pathway,

the thick paint that
turned small flowers
into tiny sculptures,

a wall, nearly visible,
covered with vines,
and shadows that

sometimes seemed
like silent choirs.
Over years

I had forgotten
but today
I recall light filtered

through live oaks
their spires
tangled in clouds,

joyful gratitude
for the hourly blessing
of bells, sparrows

preaching and praising,
the backrub
each night

under the skylight
where we stared
at the moon


Don Cellini is a teacher and translator, a poet and photographer, the first two by training, the second by good fortune. His most recent work of poetry is Stone Poems from FootHills Publishing.  ArtePoético recently published his translation of Historia solar/Solar History by Jair Cortés. He has published translations of several Mexican poets and strongly believes that Words Transcend Walls. His work can be seen at www.doncellini.com